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Your Body is Your Instrument – Maintain It

I have had massage therapy before, but never as good as this! Plus in times in my life that I needed special assistance to improve breathing and muscle tension. A treatment by Baruch in Spa & Wellness was the solution.

After sharing my feelings with him, and explaining how important it is for singers he was kind enough to offer my clients a free additional 15 minutes to focus on breathing muscles!

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TMRG solutions

The TMRG products made especially for singers by a singer and vocal coach who turned to natural remedies solutions and now helps treat singers with vocal fatigue or other conditions.

Aramat and many of her clients use these products and you can now buy them in the studio including the LAX VOX therapy kit, known as an authorized voice therapy tool.

Improve your Hebrew with Noya

Noya is a different kind of Hebrew teacher.

She knows how important it is for Hebrew learners, to speak and understand the Hebrew spoken by native speakers – Israelis.

Noya believes that learning Hebrew from books, or in "normal" ulpan's, is all well and good, but in order to be able to communicate well with locals, get by in Israel, and better integrate into Israeli society, you must learn to speak and understand what Noya calls: "Israeli"- The Hebrew spoken by Israelis.

And this is the Hebrew you learn and use in Noya's lessons.

So if you don't only want to learn Hebrew, but ready to speak and understand "Israeli", Noya, from UlpaNoya, is the teacher for you!

To know more about Noya and learning with her, you can visit her website:

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Join her for some day-to-day Hebrew at the UlapaNoya Facebook page:

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Or just sit back and enjoy her fun and useful Hebrew videos on You Tube:

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The SINGPRO program offers you vocal training, recordings, song key changes, singing e­books and many more cool features. Customers who take part in Aramat's intensive training program can get a special discount for this program and have the option to send the workouts directly to Aramat through the program. By doing that you can receive personal guidance from Aramat regarding the plan that works for you and how to work with it.

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For our regular students we offer packages. Buy our 4 lesson package and save 10% off over buying lessons individually! ILS 1590 ILS 1800 . These are great value! Contact us for details +972(0)505432007 [email protected] Please review our terms and conditions before purchasing a package.

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SENNHEISER e835 Microphone


This amazing microphone gives a proper fight to the famous Shure SM58 and we have connection with the company that imports those Mic's and can get you a retail price
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Buy from the Israeli website and get 10% discount if you use this code: ARAMATS


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