LEV - Learn to Evaluate Voice

This course  is designed for Singing teachers, Voice lovers and Voice Specialists who want to expand their knowledge and learn the science of the voice in an accessible manner. Understand all the secrets of human sound production through anatomy, biomechanics, scientific theories and important application in the clinic and in private studios.

This course is well suited for experienced voice professionals, teachers as well as beginners.

Quotes from our participants, among them we had ENT’s, SLP’s and top vocal coaches from all over the world:

…"After taking courses with experts overseas, It was only here that I  finally got better understanding of voice science and felt I could use those concepts in my teaching!"…

…"Ten weeks of ecstasy abundant with information that immediately translated to my clinic, helping me with patients"…

…"The Anatomical knowledge in the course was at the level of 1st  year Medicine school and provides important understanding that is crucial for any vocal coach or clinician"…

Course guidelines:

Once you register in advance – every participant will receive a preparation kit.

9 meetings will be held weekly as online WEBINARs in the comfort of your home. Those one hour classes include lectures on the topics listed in the syllabus and explanations of practical work and Q&A.

The 10th meeting is a private lesson with a full assesment for your voice with Vocologist Aramat Arnheim-Sharon.

In order to complete your course requirements with demonstrations and practical work you will join a small group of teachers and observe teaching and teach a short lesson yourself. This will be followed by feedbacks from Aramat.

After attending this course and all the meetings participants will receive a diploma for completion of the course.

Syllabus – Content and lessons:

  1. Basic anatomy of the LARYNX, respiratory system and resonant spaces and why some diseases affect them.
  2. Anatomy of the vocal folds and the muscle activity responsible for adduction, abduction and pitch. Also, the anatomical difference between different sounds in singing.
  3. Oscillators – vibrations – aerodynamic system and how it works (Bernoulli, Boyle and others).
  4. The theory of "source filter" How vocal folds and resonance spaces create our instrument.
  5. Sound waves, harmonies, Fundamental Frequency and basic sound waves – introduction to acoustics.
  6. FORMANTS and vowels – how our language is associated with vocal acoustics and how it helps us in practical work in front of the singer.
  7. Bridges, passaggio – what is this phenomena and its significance for singers.
  8. Consonants, syllables, scales and sounds. Our tools as Singing Teachers and coaches – how they affect the diagnosis and treatment of problems.
  9. Psychology for singers and teachers, the students centered approach – how to find a way to reach every student and how to support them in fragile situations.
  10. Practical work and demonstrations.

Prices: 650$ for early birds to 750$ after early bird date.

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