Lessons & Courses

Lessons & Courses

Range / Dynamics / Power / Style – these are just a few qualities singers are always looking to improve upon. In my journey as a singer and vocal coach I had to overcome many issues. I didn't give up untill I found the best techniques out there that worked for me and all my students. This became my mission and today I'm doing all I can so that you – the singer – will be the best you can possibly be!"


Results From Day 1

Private lessons with Aramat Arnheim in her studio or via SKYPE. In these lessons you will learn to achieve your personal goals.

What Happens in the first Lesson?
After a quick assessment of your voice Aramat will help you understand how your voice works and why it is doing or not doing what you want. Once you have the WHY you will move to working on the HOW using a set of exercises especially designed for your needs. This work out will help you achieve desired results in your voice. Then you will apply what you have learned to your singing


Courses & Master Classes

Aramat designs courses and workshops especially for singers. These courses include working with the best musicians, directors and actors in Israel as well as working with Aramat herself in recording studios or on stage performance skills. We appreciate our clients very much therefore offer a number of master classes, with Aramat, during the year, as a free gift, plus up to 40% discount on all our other courses.


Best teachers from all over the world

In order to bring you only the best – Aramat contacts the best teachers worldwide and arranges for them to come to Israel and to the Israeli singers. As part of her goal to raise the bar of singing in Israel the studio hosts yearly master classes and lessons with the best teachers in the industry such as RAab Stevenson, Joshua Alamu etc.


Professional Performances

Once a year we host a concert, this includes professional video and even a live band! In addition, we have performance workshop which also include live performances.


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