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"Range / Dynamics / Power / Style – these are just a few qualities singers are always looking to improve upon. In my journey as a singer and vocal coach I had to overcome many issues. I didn't give up until I found the best techniques out there that worked for me and all my students. This became my mission and today I'm doing all I can so that you – the singer – will be the best you can possibly be!"
Aramat Arnheim

Aramat Vocal Studio
Though the studio is located in Kiryat Ono, Israel – The studio activity is world wide. Aramat has presented in voice events in the US, UK and Canada and has arranged international and local events in big venues for singers and voice professionals. The private lessons with Aramat are either online or in her studio clinic in Kiryat Ono. The cozy and super professional clinic hosts small courses as well. The "Aramat Vocal Studio" has become a center in which singers can find almost everything they need.

About Aramat
Aramat Arnheim-Sharon is a well-known voice instructor in Israel. As part of her activity as a certified vocologist (National center for voice and speech) and credentials from elite vocal techniques and organisations, she developed premium courses for the training of high level singing teachers and for voice habilitation and stage empowerment. While working with many professional singers, cantors, actors, and singing teachers, Aramat believes that anyone with a desire to create and sing can accomplish progress and singing goals! All levels are welcome as long as the student is willing to commit and enjoy the fun process of singing.

Looking through some of her activity in the past few years, it's clear Aramat has expended to work outside Israel and finds connection that will allow her to receive and give back the best possible education. These days as a PAVA (Pan American Vocology) member and leading a chapter of the organization in Israel. She was Education Director for 3 years and was an active  board member for "VIP – Vocology in Practice" Instructor based in Los Angeles. This is after a couple of years representing "IVA – Institute for Vocal Advancement" and she still holds the highest level of certification to "SLS -Speech Level Singing" in Israel.

With classical musicians as parents, Aramat was living and breathing music from an early age. At elementary school she was already a part of a competitive choir and participated in events outside of Israel. At the age of 11 she was chosen for the lead role in a major Opera production in her school. After High school and mandatory army service she signed up for Music College. There she developed herself to different styles of singing like Jazz, Rock, Soul and Pop. Her love for electronic music grew and using that passion she was a finalist in the college cover competition after singing a "Drum and Base" version to a famous Israeli song. Shortly after College she released her EP, it included original pop songs with electronic flare and she performed with those songs for at least 2 years in different locations in Israel. Today Aramat is much more devoted to her teaching but you may have heard her original music or singing in Theater productions and in occasional performances.
Back in Music college she organized volunteer work between musicians and discovered her passion for teaching. As time passed she was in demand by more and more students and conservatories. Yet using techniques she learned in college, she was unable to sing without effort and she noticed that she wasn't always able to fulfill her students potential. Aramat began looking for more professional and experienced teachers in the world that have dedicated serious studies to the human voice. Outside of Israel she found great teachers such as Maestro Seth Riggs, Dave Stroud, Jefferey Skouson, Greg Enriquez, RAab Stevenson and many more. Learning from each of them she achieved amazing results and realized what good technique can generate in Singers. In order to keep moving ahead and making sure she is delivering the best technique she became a member in organizations that helped her understand the technique those great teachers use. Today she is helping other teachers certify and in fact became a teacher for teachers.

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