"Range / Dynamics / Power / Style – these are just a few qualities singers are always looking to improve upon. In my journey as a singer and vocal coach I had to overcome many issues. I didn't give up until I found the best techniques out there that worked for me and all my students. This became my mission and today I'm doing all I can so that you – the singer – will be the best you can possibly be!"
Aramat Arnheim

Aramat Vocal Studio

Though the studio is located in Kiryat Ono, Israel – The studio activity is world wide. Aramat has presented in voice events in the US, UK and Canada and has arranged international and local events in big venues for singers and voice professionals. The private lessons with Aramat are either online or in her studio clinic in Kiryat Ono. The cozy and super professional clinic hosts small courses as well. The "Aramat Vocal Studio" has become a center in which singers can find almost everything they need.

About Aramat

Aramat Arnheim-Sharon is a well-known voice instructor in Israel, the founder of "ILVA" the Israeli Voice Association and author of "LEV – Learn to evaluate Voice" (currently available in Hebrew). She is a certified Vocologist (National center for voice and speech) and the first of 14 professionals in the world who became "Recognized Vocologist" by the Pan American Vocology Association in 2022. She holds many diplomas from well known vocal techniques and organizations. She developed courses for training of singing teachers and for voice habilitation and stage empowerment. Aramat has presented in voice events in the US UK and Canada (PAVA, Voice Foundation, ViP) and has arranged international and local events online or in big venues for singers and voice professionals.

Looking through some of her activity in the past few years, it's clear Aramat has expended to work outside Israel, aspiring for continued learning and best possible education. With firm belief that anyone can sing, Aramat is known for her empowering and welcoming approach, but at the same time is committed to science, research and working hard for results. Aspiring to excellence both from her students and from herself she initiates projects and collaborations. Aramat established the PAVA (Pan American Vocology) chapter in Israel. She was Education Director for 3 years and was an active board member for "VIP – Vocology in Practice". This is after a couple of years representing "IVA – Institute for Vocal Advancement" and she still holds the highest level of certification to "SLS -Speech Level Singing" in Israel. Aramat also trained in various courses of different methods such as Estill, Laryngeal Manipulation and many more.
As a singer, At elementary school she was already a part of a competitive choir and participated in events in Europe. At the age of 11 she was chosen for the lead role "Bastien" in Mozart's opera, "Bastien and Bastiena" for a local community Opera production. She studied music in the "Rimon music school" University and shortly after, released her EP. The music included original pop songs in Hebrew and the mini album release was followed by a tour of 2 years in different venues in Israel. Today Aramat is much more devoted to her teaching, and to voice research, but you may have heard her original music or singing in Theater productions and in occasional festival performances.
Her passion for teaching begun as she was volunteering and organizing projects teaching music in under privileged communities. As time passed she was in demand by more and more students and conservatories. With great desire to fulfill her students potential, Aramat began looking for more professional and experienced teachers in the world that have dedicated serious studies to the human voice. And that lead her to all the methods she learned over seas, while working with great teachers such as Maestro Seth Riggs, Dave Stroud, Greg Enriquez, RAab Stevenson and many more. Today she is helping other teachers grow and in fact became a teacher for teachers. Her course "LEV – learn to evaluate voice", is extremely popular in Israel and will soon be open in English. The course book is also in high demand and it will soon be out in English.

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