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Dear customers,

It is important for us to give the best service therefore it is important that you review this page. Here you will find the conditions and procedures for services provided in our studio. Services we offer include individual lessons and group courses of various kinds.

If you wish to book a lesson then you must read and agree with the terms stipulated below. All students are required to adhere to these terms.

Additional information found on this site includes content that specifies the types of activities, operations, scholarships and vocal tips. The Aramat Vocal Studio is responsible for the content displayed on this site which aims to enrich the knowledge of our customers in the field of voice as well as about our business activities.

Conditions and Procedures

Scheduling or booking a Lesson

Lessons can be scheduled through the website or by contacting our email, phone or text message. Upon receipt of an enquiry, a selection of available lesson times will be provided. To book your preferred lesson time you need to confirm your preferred time. Please note that securing your first lesson requires advanced payment at the time of the booking. If you are booking a lesson that was purchased in advance as a lesson package, approval of the booking by the studio is enough to ensure your scheduling. Scheduling online through the website is always preffered as you can see our full schedule and openings and recieve an automated email approval immediately after scheduling. To avoid problems, please be sure to check that there are available slots in our schedule before you purchase a lesson.


After payment of the service you have requested (lesson / treatment / course) and after an email confirmation and reminder of the delivery date (lesson date / treatment / course), you are able to attend the studio at the time and date you booked and confirmed. If an on line lesson was approved by the the Studio, the lesson will be held on the date agreed and will be available for you in the appropriate link and program used by the studio. Note that webinar's might require downloading of suitable plug-in's for your computer.


After approving the deal, the studio is responsible supply the service on the date that was set and deliver professional content matching the service purchased. Access to lesson recordings held online will be available for a period of 30 days unless otherwise approved by the studio.

We are happy to assist your booking process over the phone, booking is also possible during at the time of the lesson how ever we want to make sure that the focus of your lesson is only about you and your voice therefore we encourage you to use our on-line scheduling system.

Cancellations, Rescheduling

To cancel or reschedule a lesson, the student must contact the studio 48 hours before the day of the lesson, Only with adequate notice we have enough time to offer the lesson to another student. 48 hours prior to day of the lesson would mean for example, if you are booked for a lesson on Thursday you will need to give us notice of cancellation by Monday evening. By doing so we have full 48 hours in Tuesday and Wednesday to make changes.

Please make sure we have recieved your notice, use our e-mail , or phone: 050-5432007.

In exceptional cases if our studio and teacher are forced to cancel, the lesson will be rescheduled.

In exceptional circumstances canceled by the student, the studio reserves the right to review the case and check if rescheduling is possible. If not and in general, any lesson that wasn't canceled in a timely manner (mentioned above) will be paid in full and there will be no refunds.

Arriving late and Delays

Please try to arrive on time, the lesson time lost will be reduced from your time slot so let’s try avoiding that.

Always better to arrive early! But please note that more than five minutes ahead might disrupt the lesson before you and or the teachers time off.

Avoiding cancellation of the Lesson

If it is not possible for you to get to the studio for some reason, there is a possibility using the Skype software or even a telephone.

Please note that when using the Skype software you need to take care of a stable internet connection, check that the microphone and the sound work in advance and record the lesson כfrom your side. Musical accompaniment by Aramat will be effective only at the studio so having a backing track standing by is best.


Studio lessons and courses contribute to the health of your voice but they do not substitute a medical advice. All clients are requested to ensure they are in good health and fit to take voice lessons. Clients are responsible to track their health condition, we emphasize this during lessons, commit to listening to your body and if a certain exercise feels uncomfortable you have to avoid it and report it to the voice coach / vocal coach who will adjust the training to your needs.


Made by credit card or paypal online in our website.

In special cases, please contact us: phone 050-5432007.


We protect the privacy of our customers and their personal information using a secure business management system.  Therefore the studio will not transfer customer information to third parties. Also, customers are required to keep the lesson recordings for private use only and not to share or use any content. 

We use billing system with a secure code that keeps any payment detail unretrievable. PCI DSS (acronym for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a standard created by five major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover and American Express) to ensure the protection of credit card data in any environment in which they are stored, transported or processed. The standard includes various requirements for implementing information security controls in order to implement protection organizations handling credit card information through various means such as a cash register, e-wallets, websites, vending machines and ATMs.


The studio team may have occasional decisions to change and / or update the terms and procedures .

The studio team reserves the right to refuse providing service to customers who do not cooperate with the requirements of the studio or whose behavior is inappropriate .

Appendix for Conditions, cancellations and changes to COURSE registration

The Israeli Consumer Protection Regulations (cancellation of a transaction) stipulates that the time to cancel participation in the course is within 14 days of making the agreement provided that the cancellation will be 14 working days at least, prior to the start of the service.


  1. Course registration will be completed only after recieveing 2 email confirmations. One for the payment of the course fee and one for registration confirmation. Those 2 confirmations will guarantee you a place in the course.
  2. Payment for the course will be made in advance by credit card through the site or by by phone. Possibility to split payments will be given only with the approval of the studio. Return policy will be made only according to the procedures listed in this document.
  3. If cancellation is done according to the terms listed here, a refund will be provided but will not include administration fees of 350 Israeli Shekel.
  4. Terms of cancellation are: 1) An official note of cancellation must be recieved by the studio 14 working days prior to the start of the course in order for us to offer your spot to other customers. Later warning of 13 days or less before the start of the course will not allow a refund. 2) According to the Consumer Protection law in Israel, the deal can be canceled 14 days after securing the payment (including non working days). However, if these days coincide with the 14 days prior to the beginning of the course this cancellation option will not be valid .
  5. There will be no refunds if the participant will miss meetings in the course.
  6. Please arrive during the course, even ahead to get in and settle down.
  7. Friends and family members are not allowed to view the course out of respect for other participants in the course.
  8. Recorded lessons, presentations and documents received or made during the course are for private use only customer is prohibited to distribute or share them.

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